For more than a decade, Crux Biolabs have been an Australian leader.

“The Crux team are dedicated scientifically to help and collaborate with the client. They play an integral role in our clinical trails immune-monitoring requirments. They are really nice people also.”

Dr Nick Ede

“Crux Biolabs have been critical to help Pio Therapeutics advance our lead program, and meet key pre-clinical value inflection points through the development of bioanalytical and primary cell-based functional assays. In all instances, Crux executed the work with a high degree of expertise, rigour and flexibility.”

Christopher Chan PhD

“With a treasure trove of patient samples collected from our clinical studies, we wanted a trusted CRO that could help us unlock the maximum scientific value from this precious resource. The team at Crux assisted in generating a meaningful work plan, that delivered high quality data and study reports, on time and within budget. We very much look forward to working with the lovely folks at Crux again.”

Dr John Wilkinson

“Working with Crux Biolabs was a seamless, easy and straightforward process. We were very pleased with the data output as well as expertise in assay set up and design.”

Alexandra Suchowerksa PhD

“Crux has a highly experienced and dynamic team that supported us throughout the whole lifecycle of our laboratory studies. They ensured that our complex biological samples were safely transported from overseas, went through Australian customs in a timely manner and were successfully used by their skilled scientists to produce high quality biomarker results.“

Eldin Rostom