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Crux Biolabs provides a full suite of bioanalytical testing solutions in a wide range of therapeutic areas with a strong focus on the immunology of vaccines, infectious diseases and oncology.

Immunology Expertise


Our Immunology Services

Benefit from a consultative approach aligned with your studies’ unique requirements. Our dedicated immunology experts provide innovative approaches to improve your clinical and pre-clinical research outcomes. Our team of scientists are experts at customising biomarker detection & cell assays.

We take pride in becoming an extension of your team and providing bespoke, reliable, timely and cost-effective contract research services.

See below our range of immunology services as well as kitting, logistics and non-GLP safety studies and other services we offer. Want something else? Simply get in touch with our expert team of scientists.


PBMC Processing

PBMC processing and sample aliquoting. Crux Biolabs is accredited by NATA and our process has been validated in the Quality Assurance Program (QAP) by The Immunovirology Research Network (IVRN)

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In Vitro Cell Culture

Dedicated in vitro cell culture facility, including cryopreservation.Whether it’s fresh PBMCs or defined cell lines, we can run a range of cell assays, including viability, inhibition or stimulations for your pre-clinical R&D.

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Cytokine Testing

Design of customised biomarker panels and pre-validated inflammation panels to help detect multiple biomarkers, including cytokines, in very small volumes, with our Luminex® scientists validated by the Duke Human Vaccine Insitute EQAPOL program.

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ELISA Based Assays / Kit Development

We run ELISAs as an accredited contract lab service. We have created new assays for clinical trial targets, including biomarkers such as proteins or antibodies, and have run our own assays on large numbers of clinical samples.

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Flow Cytometry

Crux is accredited to ISO 17025 by NATA for flow cytometry. We can help design panels and run multi-color panels for your clinical or pre-clinical samples and have a CytoFlex flow cytometer, which has 13 colours (V5-B5-R3) and small particle capabilities.

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Luminex® Bead Immunoassays

Luminex® bead-based assays are fully quantifiable multiplex immunoassays that have been used for many years in many peer-reviewed publications. Our expert Luminex scientists have been validated by the Duke Human Vaccine Insitute EQAPOL program.

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ELIspot and FluoroSpot

ELISpot and FluoroSpot are highly sensitive functional assays for measuring antigen-specific T cells, which typically occur at low frequency in vivo. Crux Biolabs offers both ELISpot and FluoroSpot assays to support R&D and pre-clinical to clinical projects providing validation services using commercially available or custom assays.

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MesoScale Discovery (MSD) Assays

MSD assays provide highly sensitive and multiplexed detection of analytes of interest in complex sample matrices with high consistency between runs. Crux Biolabs offers MSD assays to support R&D and pre-clinical to clinical projects providing validation services using commercially available panels or custom assays.

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Nucleic Acid extraction

Crux Biolabs is accredited to ISO 17025 to perform Nucleic Acid extraction using your choice of kit from a variety of sample types including whole blood and buffy coat. With successful participation in the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia Quality Assurance Program (RCPAQAP) for DNA extraction, you can be assured of delivery of high quality nucleic acids for further downstream analysis. 

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We also partner with a range of other local, NATA-accredited service providers to offer a single contract research solution for your study. Get in touch with us on any of the following, including:

Virology & Microbiology

Oncology & Genomics

Safety tests, Kit production, Lab manuals & Logistics.

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