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Introduction: Meet the New CEO of Crux Biolabs

Crux Biolabs is very pleased to introduce our new CEO, Stefan Cross. Stefan joins Crux from Mayne Pharma and will be based in Melbourne, supporting our growing team in the eastern suburbs. As an intro, we thought we would conduct a short interview with Stefan and share it here first.

With an impressive 30-year career in the pharmaceutical industry and experience working across the globe, Stefan brings a wealth of knowledge and unique perspective to the role. We discuss with him his background in the sciences, what attracted him to Crux, and his vision for the company’s future in Australia’s thriving R&D landscape.

To start, tell us a little about yourself  

I have spent my entire 30-year career in the pharmaceutical industry after starting with Faulding Pharmaceuticals in Adelaide, South Australia. For nearly 10 years, I had the opportunity to live and work in the UK and USA, and for a further 5 years, I worked extensively in Asia based in Australia. Working and partnering with companies from different markets, regulatory structures and cultures is my core career highlight.

Tell us more about your history in the sciences  

I have always been impressed by the talent of scientists and their passion to make medicines better. Without a science degree, I have brought my commercial and project management skills to help align science with underlying business opportunities. I enjoy learning new aspects of the clinical trials ecosystem and different sectors, such as my time with Hopsira as part of the medical device business unit.

What attracted you to the role with Crux  

Three core, simple, things – (1) the people, (2) their excellent reputation and (3) the increasing market need to access bioanalytical services in Australia.

And what makes Crux unique in your eyes

With more than 10 years of history in the bioanalytical space and a new commitment to expand and invest, Crux has the foundation to expand its offering across all areas of bioanalytical services needed for clinical development. From prior experience, starting from a small base with the support of a world-leading scientific team, Crux can be agile to respond to market and client needs. Ultimately, our role at Crux is to ensure clients receive bioanalytical data from their studies on time, on budget and right first time. Crux has the culture and is investing to achieve these business fundamentals.

What do you think makes Australia so attractive for R+D  

I strongly believe Australia has always “punched above its weight” in clinical trials. This starts with world-relevant tertiary education. The scientific intellect in Australia allows us to work across boundaries with respect. Combining this with favourable clinical development and tax structure, Australia is now a chosen (and at times preferred) destination for clinical development, clinical manufacturing, and intellectual property creation.

What do the next 6-12 months have in store for Crux  

The Crux team has been focused on strengthening its quality systems to ensure GCLP underpins what we do. From this, investment in expanded immunology services and a new chemistry lab will be online in the coming months. We want to delight clients with a wider service offering – beyond our legacy in cellular immunology, immunoassay, and early-phase clinical support.

What are you most looking forward to with the role  

I am excited to learn from the entire Crux team – learn about their skills and passions, learn the business from them, and then help align Crux skills with client needs. For me, the most rewarding experience as a business leader is when a client calls to say they love working with your team! That’s the ultimate test we’re doing the right thing.

How can people best get in touch with you?

Please connect with me via email (see below) and at future industry events. I’d be delighted to meet in person or virtually to learn more about your project with Crux, or your future bioanalytical needs.

Anything else you would like to say?

The main reason I am joining Crux is to help our clients get much-needed medicines to patients around the world faster. My commitment is the team at Crux will deliver on their part of the clinical development process and be driven by the same patient-centric desire to make medicines better. I am truly excited to jump in with Crux and look forward to all the great work we will do together.

To connect with Stefan, feel free to reach out to him here or to connect to our scientists and team about your next project, click here to get in touch.