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Eze Nwoke

Senior Scientist, PhD
Eze is a highly accomplished scientist with extensive experience in immunology research and flow cytometry-based assays. He earned his PhD in immunology and infection from the prestigious University of Edinburgh, where he investigated the role of interferon gamma for dsyerythropoiesis in malaria. Upon completion of his doctoral studies, Eze pursued post-doctoral research at the renowned Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, where he delved into the complexities of the immune system mediated neurological disorder, multiple sclerosis and made notable advancements in the field. As a Senior Scientist at Crux Biolabs, Eze plays a vital role in leading and managing teams, overseeing project execution, and maintaining client relationships. His commitment to excellence has resulted in the successful completion of complex projects. His expertise lies in designing and validating a wide array of flow cytometry-based assays. Outside of his professional endeavors, Ezee volunteers at EMPOWER, a food relief centre in Melbourne that supports the most vulnerable in the community.