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Priya Parikh, PhD MBA

Business Development Manager
Dr. Priyashiel Parikh (Priya) holds a Doctorate Degree in Medicine from the University of Sydney and a Master of Business Administration Degree from the University of New South Wales. Priya is an experienced Business Development Manager having held positions in various companies, including a Biotechnology Company, Clinical Research Organisation, Central Laboratory, Global Pharmaceutical Company and a Not-for-Profit Organisation. She is patient-centric, customer-focussed, strategic, resilient, tenacious, and has excellent interpersonal skills. Priya enjoys teamwork and loves working with people from different professional and personal backgrounds, but above all things, Priya is extremely passionate about science, clinical research, and business development within the healthcare industry. Her unwavering drive stems from knowing that her work ultimately contributes towards disease eradication and plays a role in improving patient outcomes around the globe.