Working Together

What sets us apart is our flexibility.

We understand no two situations or requests are alike, which is why we seek to understand and create a custom solution to what you are after through our simple process

Enquiry and initial meeting

Once you get in touch, we aim to build a strong relationship together with a focus on your scope and project needs. Usually a meeting with our BD’s and one of our Principal Scientists will be set up once confidentiality agreements / non-disclosures are in place.

We are timely

Work orders and agreements

Once work is agreed, with our new clients we will put in place a Master Client Agreement (MCA), before creating a unique Work Order for your study, which will save time for all our future studies.

We are reliable

Beginning your work

We then will have a planned project kick-off with you and the Principal Scientist running your project to ensure things can begin in the best way possible.

We are bespoke

Progress updates

We value transparency, and will set up recurring meetings between you, the Project Manager and the scientists to ensure that you know what is happening with your project throughout its lifecycle.

We are economical


We always look forward to working with our clients again, and pride ourselves on building lasting relationships

We are global

Summed up, what we strive for is to make things as easy as possible for you and your team

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