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21 colour flow cytometry with Crux Biolabs

As so many of our partners have thrilled since earlier in the year when we launched our capability to provide 21 colour flow cytometry, we just had to do a shout out to it. As you no doubt know, flow cytometry is a recognised and effective method for the detection and quantification of cellular phenotype within complex subpopulations. 21 colours refers to the number of antigens, or markers, we can detect simultaneously. These markers allow us to identify specific cell populations, based on the expression of one or more markers.  

Having up to 21 colours allow us to evaluate complex and unique repertoire of cell markers, but also to measure activation markers, cell cycle and proliferation analysis, intracellular cytokines, protein phosphorylation or receptor occupancy.

Whether you are looking to quantify lymphocytes subsets in whole blood, measure the target occupancy of your therapeutics, assess the Cell-Mediated Immunity in response to your vaccine in cryopreserved PBMCs, or assess the drug-response in a cell line for your R&D projects, our experienced team will be happy to transfer any existing method to our quality-controlled environment or develop a new assay to meet your requirements.

If you would like to get in touch with our team about your flow cytometry and biomarker needs, get in touch through this link – our scientists are here for you.