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More on the Australian advantage: up to 43.5% cash back for every $1 spent on R&D in Australia

When it comes to places to conduct research, few places globally offer better incentives than Australia.

Known as the “Australian advantage”, not only does the land down under offer a fast and pragmatic regulatory environment for clinical studies (with a review and approval process taking only 4-6 weeks for healthy volunteer studies), but it also offers a host of other incentives such as:

  • The Australian Regulatory Framework: CTN scheme 4-8 weeks for review, less than 12 weeks for study start-up
  • No requirement for IND
  • Melbourne, Victoria (where Crux is located) is a recognised leader in early-stage clinical trials, known for the quality of its clinical sites and the clinician expertise that facilitates the timely execution of excellent clinical trials
  • Data generated at Crux Biolabs is ICH, FDA and EMA compliant and accepted for Phase 1 & 2  studies conducted globally
  • And, of course, the famous “up to 43.5% cash back for every $1 spent in R&D in Australia” incentive.

With that in mind, note that we here at Crux Biolabs are a registered Research Service Provider with the Australian Government which allows easy claims for said R&D Tax, available to international and local sponsors.

To find out more, get in touch with us through this link about how we can help you – and in navigating the Australian advantage for your own research project.